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Instruction for All Ages and Skill Levels

Our Curriculum

Martial Arts is so much more than kicking and punching. Our system teaches students about being physically fit and mentally sharp. Students practice drills daily to develop speed and control over their bodies while learning that hard work gets results. From break-falling to joint-locking, pressure points, martial arts tricking, ground fighting, grappling, and more students are trained to be well-rounder in order to defend themselves in the real world. Click here for more information about the American Taekwondo Association


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A special class for preschoolers that focuses on listening, developing motor skills, health and safety issues, and basic Taekwondo. Ages 4-6

Classes on tuesdays and thursdays at 4:45pm!

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Karate for Kids - Build character and muscle in the exciting martial art of Taekwondo. Learn about the benefits one can reap from hard work. Students develop confidence and self control, as well as body and situational awareness. Ages 7-12

Classes Monday-Thursday

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Songahm Taekwondo - Blending mind and body, heart and soul, this is the ultimate exercise class for adults in the 21st century. Develop muscle strength, flexibility, relieve stress, improve concentration, and build personal strength. Teens and Adults

Tuesdays and Thursdays